to blog, or not to blog.

I started blogging since May 2009.
My first blog was
I wrote a lot about my uni life, Animal Science related to be exact.

Once graduated, on 2011,
I started to express my personal opinion.
Reminding myself and etc.

I used to write a hell long post.
Only after my brother said he doesn’t really read long paragraph,
I changed my style of writings.

I made my sentence shorter.
Only write important things rather than beautifying it too much.
I wrote in lines. & I love to write in three lines.

Few years after, I decided to close my blog.
I made a new one.
& I use my own name - syuhadaa.

But I don’t let anyone knows about this new blog;
including my parents.
On the previous blog, they always wait for a new post from me.

I scrolled onto my blog posts.
What have I write after all these years?
Does it bring benefits or harm?

I’m not so sure.
But one thing for sure,
I witnessed how I see life around me.

Whenever I saw something;
I’ll blog about it.
I’ll blog my own opinion on it.

Now I wonder, is it okay to do that?
Because most of the times,
it appeared like I’m complaining what others are doing.

But I continue to write anyway.

nota sem last #002

Satu. Kelas Shariah Oriented Public Policy - Dr Mustafa Mohamad. He is actually one of my favourite lecturers. Kelas dia tak macam kelas tapi dah macam tazkirah. Setiap kelas mesti ade cerita yang dia nak share.

Dua. One thing yang dia share semalam adelah: cuba bangun setengah jam awal sebelum Subuh. Bahagikan setengah jam kepada dua bahagian - 15 minit baca quran dan 15 minit lagi buat solat sunat dua rakaat dan solat witr. Mintak kat Allah maghfirah, hidayah, dan syurga Nya. Doa untuk ibubapa. Buat macam tu at least dua kali seminggu and you’ll see the difference. :)

Tiga. He explained why we must ask for His maghfirah (forgiveness). The reason is to make ourselves become humble towards others. Once we realized we ourselves have a lot of sins, we will not look down upon others and automatically become a humble person, inshaallah.

Empat. Oke ini cerita lain. I am waiting for my Research Paper to be approved by head of department and deputy dean. Please, pray for me. May Allah keep you in His blessings and help you guys in everything you do today. :)

Done. Gonna have breakfast with roommate. Gotta go bye.

tentang manusia dan kehidupan.

You can say whatever you want about me, I won’t say a word. Yes, I am offended. But I won’t do the same thing to you because I simply don’t care.

You have the right to speak and I have the right to remain silent. However that doesn’t make you are correct and I am wrong.

That is how life works. People come and go. They will judge, and they will speak according to their logic. You can’t stop them.

So, be good to everyone but don’t get attached to anyone. Yeah.

nota sem last #001

Satu. Saya dapat kelas Ustaz Zaharuddin!! Part introduction tu macam tazkirah pun ade, tapi oke lah kan. Ade jugak orang nak bagi peringatan.

Dua. Belajar bukan hanya untuk skor. Tapi untuk dapat kan ilmu dan faham (ini Ayah pun selalu pesan). Bukan sekadar faham, tapi mesti boleh sampaikan kat orang lain jugak.

Tiga. Kami diwajibkan menghafal surah al-Baqarah ayat 276-280. Baiklah ustaz akan diusahakan. Assignments agak berat tapi tu semua boleh beres punya inshaallah no problem at all. Semangat ni semangat.

Empat. Bulan sangat cantik malam ni (refer previous post). Serius cantik.

Lima. Nak membaca pasal Why broadband is slower in Malaysia dan Vaksin: Suntikan Tanpa Was-was. Membaca ni bukan hobi, tapi ia adalah satu keperluan. Maka bacalah dengan nama Tuhanmu!